Why won't my dog eat dry food but will eat treats?

Key Summary. Dogs that are eating treats but not their food could be caused by several reasons, from behavioural issues such as stress or routine disruption, to medical issues such as digestive disorders. Sticking to a feeding schedule and providing a balanced, varied diet can help to resolve the issue.
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What to do when your dog won t eat his food but he will eat treats?

What can you do if your dog won't eat his food but will eat treats? A poor appetite can be a sign of a lot of different illnesses and health issues and, to be safe, it's best to take them for a full health check at the veterinary clinic.
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Why won't my dog eat just dry food?

Some dogs just don't like the taste or texture of dry food. If your dog is not eating his dry food, you may want to mix a small amount of wet food with his dry food to make it more palatable. If you do decide to add wet food to his regular meal, remember to scale back the amount of dry food to avoid over-feeding him.
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What happens if a dog only eats treats?

If your pooch isn't eating their dinners but will still scoff down a treat or even your leftover Sunday roast, it's referred to as partial anorexia. This means that your dog isn't refusing all kinds of food, but they're definitely not eating enough to keep them healthy.
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How long will a picky dog go without eating?

As long as a dog is not ill, either with a chronic illness such as kidney disease, or with an acute illness such as a respiratory infection, he can survive for over a week without eating. Most dogs will not hold out very long before their survival instinct kicks in and they take your advice to eat what is offered.
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How to Make My DOG EAT DRY FOOD! πŸΆβœ… 5 Easy TRICKS!

Why won't my dog eat dry food but will eat wet food?

One of the most common reasons that a dog won't eat kibble is because they just want something better. If you regularly give your dog other tastier foods, such as wet food or lots of dog treats, he may be refusing to eat dry food hoping that you'll offer up something else.
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Do dogs get bored of the same food?

Do you ever wonder whether your furry friend gets bored of eating the same food? Dogs have fewer taste buds than humans. So, while they will more than appreciate a mouthwatering meal when it's served up to them, they won't necessarily grow tired of eating the same food every day. For a limited time at least anyway.
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What can I add to my dogs food to make him eat?

Dog food toppers like canned pumpkin, sardines, and bone broth are great options for picky eaters. These toppers provide added flavor and can help entice your dog to eat their food.
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Can dogs get bored of their food?

Before you attempt to switch your dog's diet to a new diet, understand that dogs can become bored with either the smell or texture of their food. Try adding meal toppers to their existing food. If that doesn't work, try swapping to a different flavour. Change his chicken-based food for a fish or lamb flavour.
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What can I mix with dry dog food?

Try some of our favorite ways to improve a kibble-based diet.
  • Add digestive enzymes. ...
  • Top with a boost of freeze-dried raw dog food. ...
  • Add raw or lightly steamed veggies. ...
  • Add raw or lightly cooked meat or eggs. ...
  • Add oils for essential fatty acids. ...
  • Add goat's milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, or canned fish.
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Will dog eventually eat dry dog food?

At first your dog might try to eat around the dried food, but be patient and stick with it. Many dogs will happily chow down the dried food as a topping to their normal wet, and over time you can increase the volume of dried until this is all they're eating.
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Can dogs live without dry food?

In reality, both types of dog food are good options. It matters more what is right for your specific dog. You should speak to your vet about what food would be best for your dog. Dogs with dental problems are often put on wet dog food, while dogs with other medical conditions may need dry food to stay healthy.
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Why won't my dog eat his food but wants mine?

This is referred to as partial anorexia and it typically occurs because your dog doesn't feel well. Partial anorexia means a dog will eat, but only if something special, such as treats or table scraps like chicken or beef, are added to the food.
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How do I trick my dog to eat his food?

Warm The Food (Helps It Smell More Appetizing)

Your dog's sense of smell is more important to him than his sense of taste. Therefore, provide food that is warm as it will smell better. Add some warm water or warm some of the ingredients or pop it in the microwave for a few seconds. It shouldn't be hot, just warm.
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Why is my dog hungry but won't eat his food?

Medical reasons your dog may be off their food

Possible causes include: Pain in the mouth – this could be caused by tooth decay, infections, gum disease or a broken tooth. Stomach/tummy problems – this could be caused by viruses, infections, inflammation, something getting stuck in their gut, worms or eating too much.
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Should I take my dogs food away if he doesn't eat it?

Don't leave food out for your dog to graze on β€” take it back within 10 minutes if it hasn't been eaten to help cement the idea of mealtimes. Use your dog's kibble as treats, and only offer meals for short periods of time. This leaves your dog no choice but to eat their food and hopefully get used to it.
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Will a dog eventually eat if hungry?

Don't give in! Your dog isn't starving. If hungry, your dog will eat.
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What is the healthiest food to feed your dog?

As a starting point, here are our top recommended dog treats that give the most health benefits.
  1. Cooked, Unseasoned Chicken, Turkey, or Beef. ...
  2. Cooked, Unseasoned Fish. ...
  3. Cooked, Unseasoned Eggs. ...
  4. Cooked Pumpkin. ...
  5. Cooked Green Beans. ...
  6. Cooked Carrots. ...
  7. Cooked Spinach. ...
  8. Sliced Apples - In Moderation.
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Why is my dog suddenly a picky eater?

Just like people, dogs don't eat as much if they're anxious. This can happen thanks to things like loneliness, boredom, storms, fireworks, or separation anxiety (being home alone during the work day, for example). If you think anxiety may be why your dog isn't eating, it can help to spend more time with them.
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Why is my dog off her food?

Dogs may go off their food because of changes in their environment, stress, an adverse reaction to drugs, and nausea. Dental problems, pain and internal obstructions can also cause dogs to lose their appetite.
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Do dogs care if they eat the same food everyday?

Dogs actually have fewer taste receptors compared to humans. That means they have less of an urge to eat something different every day. So your dog will not get bored of eating the same food every day. However, that doesn't mean that dogs won't appreciate another recipe now and then.
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Do dogs prefer wet food over dry food?

Linda Simon, DVM, MVB, and MRCVS, and veterinarian at Senior Tail Waggers, says most dogs, particularly smaller breeds and picky eaters, prefer wet food. Because wet food contains lots of moisture, she says it's great for dogs with kidney or bladder stones.
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How do you force feed a dog wet food?

Use a Syringe

Force-feeding via a syringe is a more drastic measure, so you should do this only if other methods haven't worked. If your dog hasn't eaten in two days, you can try using a syringe to feed your dog liquids like broth or watered down wet food.
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Do dogs digest wet food faster than dry food?

Containing a higher water content than dry kibble, wet food is easier and quicker for our dogs to digest and enters our dog's stomachs in a matter of moments. Stomachs acids then break down the wet food and nutrients are absorbed into the blood system and transported around the body.
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