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    A little about my Fur Family.

    I have had the honor to have had 5 wonderful dogs in my life.

    Lady, my first dog, was when I was a child. My brother rescued her from an apartment complex when the owners moved and left her behind. Lady was a Shetland Sheepdog and was my dear friend up to the day someone stole her from our yard. One of the saddest days of my life - my friend was gone. I had her from 1973-78.

    Every so often something happens in life that will never get repeated again. That would be Jasmine (my avatar). I rescued Jasmine off the streets in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in 2001 - she was a year old - and brought her to California. It was Love at first sight for both of us. Of all the major events in my life, Jasmine was the one constant. She got me through wars, divorce, job loss, and many other life events. Jasmine was my "Rock". When I would think things are getting me down, I would think of Jasmine - she never gives up and has had a tougher life than me. She just keeps going without complaint. She was a kind sole and had a gentle heart, but she was also confident and carried herself with confidence.Just looking at her, you knew she was the Alpha female wherever she was. She was my constant companion until the day she passed on April 23, 2018. Definitely she was my soulmate. That is a heartache that doesn't go away. I will miss her 'til the minute I die.

    Chanel, my ex-wife's Yorki I took in because due to her job, she was unable to care for her. I've had Chanel since 2006 and she is 14 now and is blind. However, she is a bundle of joy and energy and you would never take her for a senior Frosty Face.

    Then I have Dieter, a Maltese/Pekingese. He's my girlfriends dog - I call him my "stepson". Dieter is another Frosted Faker. He's 15 and acts like he's 2. Dieter and Chanel are buddies and hang out together all the time. Probably the kindest dog you would ever meet. He is good around people, babies, other small animals - just a sweet lovebug.

    Last, but by no means least, we had Finchy. He was my girlfriend's dog, but was just as much mine. Finchy was a Chihuahua mix (we think he had some Pomeranian in him). Finchy (who we would later affectionately call him "Fin-cheese" due to his love for cheese) started out in a bad situation. Without going into details, he was very reluctant to trust people, especially Men. But with time and a lot of love and patience, Finchy emerged as the most confident of our dogs. In fact he got over his fear of men and he became my little buddy. He would sleep on my shoulders when watching TV and he absolutely was in love with my bigger dog, Jasmine. Sadly we had to say goodbye to Finchy on January 29, 2018. We were never too sure of his age, but we figured he was about 14 or 15

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    Stovk, Apr 7, 2020
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