Crossing the road

Discussion in 'Behaviour & Training' started by remnant, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. remnant

    remnant Well-Known Member

    Mar 5, 2016
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    I am sure some people have observed that dogs are poor interpreters of motion when it comes to bigger machines and vehicles especially when crossing the road. I have seen dogs fail to heed to the horn blasts of oncoming vehicles. Some drivers are magnanimous and slow to let the dog pass while others simply relish creating a scene hitting them as if it is a game. This is rather cruel. Its always good to cross the road with your dog on a tight leash.
    remnant, Jun 16, 2016
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  2. remnant

    Corzhens Well-Known Member

    Nov 26, 2015
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    There are lots of stray animals in our place, not only inside the village but even in the main road. It is not unusual to see a dead animal on the road as probability would say that a stray animal will be hit by a vehicle sooner or later. It's just sad that there is an ordinance in our town prohibiting stray animals that are subject to impounding. But there's no effort to implement for their own reasons.

    We do not let our dogs walk on the street. In the olden days, I used to bring our dog to the village park for a walk - actually to accompany me when I do my jogging in the said park. But when there was a prevalence of airborne diseases, I never brought my dogs to walk outside of the house again.
    Corzhens, Jun 23, 2016
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