What happens if I put blueberries in my water?

The results are a hydrating, antioxidant-packed infused water impossible to resist! If it's difficult for you to drink enough plain water during the day or you want to cut back on sugary drinks, having a pitcher of this infused water in your fridge will entice you to reach for the water all day long!
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Is it good to put blueberries in your water?

Antioxidant-rich foods include kale, dark chocolate, gogi berries, strawberries and blueberries. Yet, blueberries have garnered a reputation as the go-to for antioxidants. Plus, they taste great... especially in water.
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How long do you leave blueberries in water?

Immerse your berries in the water and gently agitate them. Then let the berries soak for 5-10 minutes. Drain the berries in a colander in the sink, rinsing them with a light spray of running water.
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Are frozen blueberries good in water?

While ice cubes only keep your water cool, frozen berries will subtly infuse the water with a distinct flavor and sweet smell. Furthermore, infused water makes drinking the recommended amount easy this summer. Finally, fruit infused water is simple to prepare, tastes great and provides a healthy snack at the end!
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Is putting frozen fruit in water good for you?

To add some natural flavor or to mix up your water program, try adding some frozen fruit such as a frozen tropical blend in place of ice. Not only is it an easy, healthy way to add flavor (and bright color), but you can eat the fruit once it softens.
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What is the best fruit to put in your water?

Cucumbers, citrus fruits, melons, and mint flavor water almost immediately. Apples, cinnamon, fresh ginger root, and rosemary need an overnight soak in the fridge. Melons and sliced strawberries start looking waterlogged after a few hours; citrus, and whole berries still look fresh even after hours in the fridge.
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Is it safe to put fruit in water?

Infusing water with fruits or vegetables is a wonderful, healthy, and delicious way to add flavor to water without adding sugar.
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Can you add frozen berries to water?

Can you use frozen fruit when infusing water? Yes! I generally prefer to use fresh fruit, but frozen fruit works great too. Frozen fruit is a great option in the summer, when you crave a colder, more refreshing drink.
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What do frozen blueberries do to your body?

A cup of frozen blueberries can help to keep your digestive system regular, preventing constipation and maintaining a healthy digestive tract as they contain a high level of fiber content. Looking for foods that boost metabolism? Read about 10 simple metabolism boosting foods to stay fit.
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What fruits to add to water for weight loss?

Weight Loss- Here are 5 best detox waters to help you burn fat during the summers:
  • Lemon And Mint Detox Water. Lemon is the most used fruit during summers. ...
  • Cucumber Detox Water. ...
  • Apple And Cinnamon Detox Water. ...
  • Grapefruit Detox Water. ...
  • Orange Detox Water.
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Can you keep berries in water?

While water alone works fine, the addition of vinegar will help to delay decay and destroy any existing mold or bacteria. Soak the berries in the solution until they're thoroughly cleaned and immediately dry them on a baking sheet lined with paper towels.
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What happens if you leave blueberries in water overnight?

Most berries should not be washed until they are being used. Excess water can cause premature spoilage for delicate, antioxidant-rich fruits like blueberries and raspberries, even gooseberries.
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What should you not do to blueberries?

Blueberries (and other produce) should not be washed as soon as they're brought home. Rather, they should be washed shortly before they're eaten. When you bring home your blueberries, inspect them and discard any that show mold or decay (composted, ideally).
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Can blueberries detox your body?

These sweet, blue gems of goodness are one of the most nutrient-dense berries, and they can help with detox. They're also thought to have one of the highest levels of antioxidants among all fruits. About a cup of blueberries contains about 4 grams of fiber and acts an excellent source of vitamin C and K and manganese.
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What are the benefits of berries in water?

Drinking fruit infused water is one of the best ways to increase your daily water consumption, thanks to the fruity flavors. Additionally, other possible fruit-infused water benefits include better immune functioning, weight loss, dehydration prevention, cancer treatment support, and reduced heart disease risk.
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What are the benefits of blueberries and strawberries in water?

Drinking infused water with berries and other healthy produce can boost metabolism, flush toxins out of the body, and lower muscle fatigue. These clever beverages are an ideal replacement for soda and juices because they contain added vitamins and antioxidants.
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What happens if I eat blueberries everyday?

"If consumed daily, a person will likely have an increased antioxidant and anti-inflammatory food intake, which may lead to improved heart health, digestive health, blood sugar regulation, cancer risk and chronic disease risk," says Hill.
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Is it OK to eat blueberries everyday?

There's no downside to eating blueberries every day because they're so healthy. But Zumpano says you'll get the most benefits from fresh, uncooked organic berries. While delicious, blueberry pancakes or muffins aren't quite as healthy. “Antioxidants can be harmed by heat,” Zumpano explains.
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How many blueberries can I eat a day?

Blueberries are something that can be enjoyed every day, and two handfuls of blueberries, which is the equivalent of 4 heaped teaspoons, counts towards one of your five-a-day portions. Research has found that eating a cup of blueberries a day reduces risk factors for cardiovascular disease.
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How long can you keep fruit in water?

While you can leave the fruits in the water for as long as you like, it's best to strain or remove them after 12 to 18 hours so they don't start to decompose. This will keep your fruit-infused water drinkable for longer, up to three or four days if refrigerated throughout.
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Should you soak berries in water?

The best way to clean berries is by soaking them in water and salt for a few minutes.
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How do you flavor healthy water?

Instead, Hunnes recommends flavoring water with cut up fruit, or by adding a small splash of regular juice to a large water bottle. Unsweetened tea or sparkling water are other good choices for people who don't like the taste of plain water, or are trying to find ways to cut down on soda consumption, she added.
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What is healthy to add to water?

11 things you can add to your water bottle that your body will...
  • Lemon wedges. The obvious choice, but its one of the greats, there is a good reason the restaurants add them to your drink, they add real flavour and are healthy too. ...
  • Lime wedges. ...
  • Orange slices. ...
  • Ginger. ...
  • Cucumber slices. ...
  • Watermelon. ...
  • Kiwi slices. ...
  • Crushed berries.
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Why do people drink fruit water?

The vitamin C contained in fruit has shown to benefit the immune system. Although water infused with fruit contains varying amounts, some people enjoy eating the fruit after drinking as a source of additional vitamins. Really, digestion is better when your body is well hydrated - even with plain water.
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Is it better to drink water or eat fruit?

While some fruits and vegetables can help quench your thirst, Ruz said that they should not be a replacement for water or be the only things that you consume to stay hydrated. “It is important for us to meet some of our hydration needs through fruits and vegetables but also consume water throughout the day,” said Ruz.
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