Teaching a male dog not to mark?

Discussion in 'Behaviour & Training' started by Melody, May 11, 2012.

  1. Melody

    Melody Well-Known Member

    May 5, 2012
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    My brother has a male Yorkie who is almost two years old. He's adorable, shy, quiet. The problem is he marks indoors.

    Luckily, he is very short. When he marks, he hits the floor rather than furniture. However, it's a terrible habit. Has anyone had any luck getting a male dog to stop marking indoors?

    Whenever he comes over, we close all the doors and try to confine him to one area of the house. We try to stop him as he does it. However, we almost always find a couple of small spots after he leaves.

    Any suggestions would be great.
    Melody, May 11, 2012
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  2. Melody

    mkhtk79 Member

    Jan 18, 2019
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    We actually had this same problem with our most recent dog. He was totally housetrained but suddenly starting lifting his leg in the house, particulalry on the couch. Needless to say my wife wasn't too pleased. He actually would pee outside when we took him out but then would pee on the couch when we brought him inside. We took him to the vet to rule out a urinary tract infection, and it turned out he was fine. The vet said he was most likely urine marking.

    What worked for us was first using an enzyme spray on the couch which broke down the urine so he wouldn't be able to smell it want to pee there again. We actually got one of those mini dog hyrdrant pee posts and put it on a artificial grass pee pad. (He was originally housetrained on puppy pads.) He actually started peeing on the post right away. We actually left it in the same spot for a few days and then moved it a few feet closer to the door every day and then eventually outside the door.

    We moved it slowly into the yard and then all the way in to the corner of our property. We then took the fake grass pad away and put the pee post down right on the lawn where we wanted him to pee. This has becomes his pee spot. Although our two female dogs pee right next to it too.

    Here's a good article with some tips if anyone wants to use the same pee post/pee pad method we did: http://www.smartdogguide.com/a-dog-fire-hydrant-potty-is-your-lawns-best-friend/ This actually was our vet's idea not ours and I'm glad we did it because he didnt get punished, he ended up getting what he wanted which was a place to lift his leg, and we got a house free of pee. It was a win-win for us. Anyway hopes this helps someone else.
    mkhtk79, Jan 22, 2019
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