Why does my dog have no interest in other dogs?

If your dog has had limited exposure to other dogs, he may resist socializing with them. Aggression is a common symptom of a lack of contact with other dogs. To get your dog feeling more comfortable around his canine counterparts, start with dogs that you already know are trustworthy.
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How do you get your dog to like other dogs?

Introduce on neutral territory.

If the dogs are not showing any negative behaviors, reward them with treats just for seeing each other. For example, when the dog you're walking looks at the other dog, you can say “Good boy!” in a happy, friendly voice and give him a treat. Repeat often.
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Why are my dogs indifferent to each other?

Sometimes dogs introduced in this way just ignore each other. This is fine and just means that neither are ready to take things further at this stage. It could mean that they prefer human company to that of other dogs, or one dog may be a little worried about the other and so may be deliberately avoiding encounters.
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Do some dogs not play with other dogs?

Like people, dog breeds and individual dogs have different personalities or temperaments. Often, it's because they've been bred to do certain things or behave a certain way. Whatever the reason, a dog's temperament can influence his willingness to play with other dogs.
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Do dogs get less interested in other dogs as they get older?

Not necessarily. Assuming any physical causes have been ruled out, they may just be a normal dog, showing normal signs of maturity. While dogs are a social species, and most puppies and adolescent dogs tend to enjoy play with other dogs, most adult dogs tend to be a bit more selective.
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Train your dog to COME to you NO MATTER WHAT

How do I get my older dog to like other dogs?

If your dog hasn't spent much time around other animals, it's time to introduce them to a fellow canine. A good way to do this is through a familiar activity: walking. Meet up with a friend and their dog for a nice, relaxed walk. Allow plenty of space between the two dogs.
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What age is the hardest with a dog?

The most challenging time of raising a puppy is the adolescent period. Dogs become “teenagers” and seem to forget everything they have ever been taught. This period is individual to each dog, but it may begin when he's about eight months old and continue until he's two years old.
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Why is my dog aggressive towards some dogs but not others?

Misreading the Other Dog's Behavior

If your dog misinterprets a friendly dog as an aggressive one, it may lash out from fear or protectiveness. An only dog is more likely to misinterpret social cues, especially if they're one dog that was never properly socialized.
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What is an unsocialized dog?

Dogs that have not socialized adequately may be particularly reactive around other canines or people that they do not know. They also may not respond positively to unfamiliar people handling them such as a groomer, a veterinarian's assistant, or even pet sitters or dog walkers.
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Is it normal for dogs to bite each other when playing?

It's totally normal for dogs to play-bite, bark, chase, swipe, and lunge, as long as it's in a gentle and friendly manner. But sometimes growling, biting, jumping, barking, etc. can shift from playful to aggressive.
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Why is my dog so selective?

A dog's selectiveness and desire to engage with other dogs is based on a variety of factors including genetics, socialization, training, breed traits, individual personality, and positive and negative experiences they have had near or with other dogs.
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Why is my dog selective with other dogs?

Dog Selective: just as common as the Dog Tolerant adult is the Dog Selective one. While a rare and concerning trait in well-socialized puppies who have not had bad dog-dog experiences, this is a very normal place for an adult dog to end up at maturity.
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Why does my dog only like me and no one else?

Why does my dog follow me and no one else - do dogs pick a favourite person? If your dog only follows you around the house then it's likely that you're the one in your household that provides them with what they need the most. That could be food, affection, care or fun.
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Is it too late to socialize a dog?

As a result, they will learn to cope with change and new situations calmly and confidently. While it's important to start socializing your puppy as early as possible, it's never too late to socialize an older dog.
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How long does it take for 2 dogs to bond?

There isn't research for dogs, as there is for cats, that show how long it takes dogs to adjust to each other. Phifer, however, says that two to four weeks is usually enough time to know if dogs can be friends.
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How do you help a dog who hates other dogs?

No matter what your dog's age or background, positive reinforcement of calm, non-aggressive behavior around other dogs is the key to helping your pup overcome any fear or dislike of other canines.
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Are dogs lonely being the only dog?

Even if you are home with them for most of the week, the amount of quality time you're spending together may not be enough for a needy dog. That's why for some households, introducing another pet can be a great idea. Loneliness can quickly lead to stress and anxiety in dogs if ignored, and it's not always an easy spot.
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Is my only dog lonely?

If your dog's been sleeping more than average, not playing or interacting as much, or responding to your calls, they could be depressed and lonely. You'd be surprised at how deeply dogs feel the lack of interaction and stimulation, which is why socialization and play are crucial to their long-term wellbeing and health.
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What happens if dog doesn't socialize?

General Fear

Unfortunately if this socialization doesn't occur, small things can set them off. Even seemingly benign things like shopping carts can make these animals cower and run away. These pets experience a tremendous amount of anxiety over anything that's new.
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How do you socialize a reactive dog?

In most cases, the best way to get a reactive dog ready for socializing is to slowly expose them to their triggers in a controlled environment and reward them with natural dog treats until they no longer react so strongly.
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Should you let dogs fight it out?

No, you should not let your dogs fight it out if they're not playing. Once you determine your dogs are actually fighting, you should separate them as soon as possible using any of the methods outlined in this article.
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Why does my dog freak out when he sees other dogs?

Reactive dogs are often motivated out of excitement (high-arousal), which can lead to frustration. Many times humans have unintentionally created this behavior because dogs were never taught how to be appropriately social around other dogs in an appropriate manner.
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What age are dogs the calmest?

Most puppies start to calm down as they approach their maturity age, which is usually around 12 months, but for larger breeds it can be more likely to occur between 18 months and 2 years.
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At what age do dogs try to dominate?

Although dominance issues do occasionally occur in younger puppies, it most often develops as the animal reaches maturity, between eighteen months and three years of age, and is much more common in male dogs than female.
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What is the golden age of a dog?

Seniorhood comes at different times depending on your pet's species and breed. While cats and small dogs are considered senior around the age of 7, larger dogs reach seniorhood sooner: around 5 years of age. Very small dogs like chihuahuas, on the other hand, don't hit their golden years until around the age of 8.
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